The Naevus Heresy

Blasphemy at Berg Eltz

Mission 8 - The one where Xanthius is Awesome

The acolytes are sent to the home of Lord Balkin, a reclusive industrialist and collector of rare books, in pursuit of a book called “The Seven Sisters”.

They discover the situation is not entirely normal when a murdered house member has been rotted by a vile plague from the insides out.

The plague has struck before, called Karvok’s Curse. Many were killed before they burned the witch they thought responsible when it seemed to end.
Lord Karvok the Blasphemer was a warlord of the enemy who ruled part of Naevus while it was lost in the warp storm. In the Liberation of the planet he was slain by St. Teressa of the Faint Smile. His body was destroyed but his possessions including his armour were smuggled away by those loyal to him.

It is this armour that has caused this upheaval. The acolytes discover the resting place of the armour and purge it of the daemonic slime monster that guards it. However it is too late and the armour has already been removed.
When the acolytes return to the castle they find the armour has transformed the man wearing it into a daemon of imense speed agility and strength, but worst it can move through walls.

They track down the focus of its entry into the world, the young boy who first found the armour and was affected by it. By threatening him the daemon materilised and Jael with one true swing of the holy sword of Raphaell slew the beast.

Lord Balkin gave up the book to the Inquisition and the boy was taken away and given to the Emperor’s Peace.

Epilogue Mission 8


Do you think when they destroyed the ‘witch’ years ago to stop the plague that they released a creature. Hence why it stopped? Could their have been multiple parts of the armour?

Blasphemy at Berg Eltz

Does my brother remember anything more about what happened?

Blasphemy at Berg Eltz

Your brother remembers things as they happened, as do all the other survivors from the house, however they probably didn’t see the entity (most who did are dead, the rest it can be played up as mental tricks, hallucinagenic grenades used by the redicivists etc…).

Blasphemy at Berg Eltz

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