The Naevus Heresy

Hector's Last Candlemas

Mission 14 - The one where a engineer is worth a fate point or three

We get the message for the State of Play to rendezvous with Inquistor Masters on Pyron.

At the same point we get a distress call from the Corpus Inpirator – Cardinal Hectors ship lost 300 years ago.

We locate board the Corpus Impirator – a huge space cathedral lost in a warp storm only to have come out 300 years in a asteroid field in the Helium Belt.

Talos orders us to investigate rather go with the State of Play, as this is to good opportunity to miss.

As we board we engage in full on Late attack while being bombarded with asteroids.

  • Thaddius fixed the engines and headed the assault to re-take the communication post and scan the ship
  • Gaius headed the command center and co-ordinated our counter-attack
  • Xanthis lead the engineer crews to seal the breaches
  • Jael and Isaac valiantly lead the 10th drop company and anyone else they could find on the front-lines.

Many were promoted after the attack was repealed.

The Hector led his last Candlemas, as the clock stuck 12 the asteroids formed to together to form a Boulevard of Pillars that would led to who knows where. We run onto our ship with all haste, leaving the Corpus Inpirator floating with one repair crew left alive…

Important Information

  • The Late stole a artefact from the Cathedral vaults, we know not what



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