The Naevus Heresy

Interlude - Back in Ostia

A series of reports discovered by Octus from trawling the Ostian Data Feeds

Pict recording of Channel 987 news report:

“This is Paula Greives of the Ostian Hive Channel 987 News. I am here outside a Hab block in sector 5691 downtown Jarrow where Cohortes Urbanae are responding to a shooting earlier this morning. Eye witness accounts report that a group of armed men in dark grey suits entered this building at 3:12 a.m.”
“Yeah, they went in that door there, I thought it was some defence drill or something, a few minutes later there was a deafening noise, like fire crackers on liberation day, but much much louder.”
“Francis Ursman of the Cohortes Urbanae is on the case, Francis.”
“Thank you Paula, yes we have an illegal entry into the building by at least twelve armed men. They went through the service staircase upto the apartment on floor 14. There was a fight there and eight of the attackers were killed by a heavily armed defender using an assault cannon, a highly illegal weapon. The man with the cannon was also killed in the attack and has been identified as a Gaius Magnus Marius an ex soldier working as an illegal mercenary. The whereabouts of the other assailants is unknown but we are following a number of leads.”

Illegal Post on UThrone, briefly up until authorities take it down and arrest the poster:

A sketchy video of a wavy hand held scene shows an attractive woman sat at a bar stool in a busy pub. “Have you got the documents?” she asks the barman “Yes of course, I always come through for you Sura.”
The barman passes something over to the woman, she flicks through them “all in order I hope?”
The woman then freezes as if sensing something, “You set me up you bastard.” A flash of panic crosses the barman’s face, but is soon replaced by an expression of triumph. “They offered a lot of money to meet you. How could I resist?”
The first knife is thrown and seems to curve around Sura’s head into that of the barman right in the eye socket. The second and third both hover in mid air before reversing and flying back towards their throwers, pollaxing them to the ground.
Five of the men rush her but she jumps up six feet, seeming to hover in mid air for more than a moment while a flurry of kicks and blows level the attackers.
But another attacker grabs a leg, a second gets purchase on an arm and a pile of them pin her to the ground. A single shot to the head ends it.

Security Pict footage logged with Precint 3 sector 8147. Commercial district economy rating CCC:

The men approached Schlok’s One Stop Bod-Mod Chop-Shop and entered. Schlok addressed them “Can I help you?”
The leader turned to the second man in the shop, tall gaunt and covered in thick clothes. “Are you Medicus, previously a worker for Cornelius Masters?”
“No no you have mistaken me for someone else”
“You performed genetic tests, surgery, replacement limbs?”
“Eyes, eyes, I do only eyes.”
“It’s him” said the leader to the other men. “Torch the place”

Cohortes Urbanae Report of incident in Hightown, Sector 84432 District 2 Ostia Hive:

The suspect was sighted leaving a commercial district (economy rating EE) with a large bag filled with what appeared to be heavy objects. Facial recognition confirmed the fugitive Min Davide and the Urbanae moved in to apprehend the criminal. From the bag the suspect produced a large illegal firearm which she took aim and fired at the approaching cohorts while backing away on foot through the traffic. The cohorts team returned fire, but the suspect retreated into an alley. As the Urbanae team approached and cut off the alley we heard a revving of an engine and the suspect on a motorbike jumped over the heads of the team and fled through the traffic into the hive under tunnels. Pursuit was impossible with the level of traffic and a cordon was set up at the exits of the tunnels, however no matching motorbike left the tunnels in the 17 hours since the incident, and there has been no sight of the suspect. No officers were injured, the suspect remains at large. A search of the undertunnels is now in progress but as yet has turned up no evidence of the suspect.

Obituary of Lord Fredrick, OStia Herald

… The circumstances of Fredricks death are still the subject of a cohortes Urbanae investigation. The explosion that destroyed an entire level of the Fredrick building was caused by a highly advanced melta device. Police are trying to trace the explosive. In addition to the Lord 14 workers and Fredrick’s personal bodyguard a Sister of the Adepta Sororitas named Willow also perished…


At least Min’s alive.

Do we know this Fredrick at all, or was it just Willow that was the target?

Interlude - Back in Ostia

Willow was the target.

Interlude - Back in Ostia

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