The Naevus Heresy

Interlude - Towards the Helion Belt

The acolytes push on in the _State of Play_ deeper into the Helion Belt

After the acolytes traveled through the Piliades sector and stopped at Port Layton, a free port at the edge of the Helion belt, and Solonius claimed some strange events occured that he has never really been able to explain (though he is now truely excellent at scrabble having memorised all the two and three letter words in the dictionary), the State of Play comes into the belt proper.

The acolytes are joined by Talus and it is decided that a two pronged mission into the Helion Belt is in order. Masters, Solonius and Sura’s team will be hunting for the Misercord and any evidence of the Angry Jester AKA Tycho’s Endeavour. Talus and Gaius’ team will head for Piraxis IV and investigate the trail of Dr. Duro.

Masters instructs a nearby regiment of the Imperial Guard to head straight for Piraxis and land a detachment to sieze any sites of interest before the Acolytes arrive. The 11th Imperial Huzzars 3rd drop company have been dropped off in the system ahead of the State of Play.

The journey to Piraxis system is a long one, made longer still by the irregular warp activity of the turbulent Helion Belt. It takes several months to get to the system. During that time Thaddius spends quite a bit of time with Enginseer Le Foundry learning about how the very fast engines of the State of Play work. Xantius and Talus spend the entire time together studying the various texts.
Gaius has been practising with his new gavel, and the rest of the crew have been getting on with their various duties.

The Helion Belt
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