The Naevus Heresy

29,298th time's a charm

Mission 12 - The one where Solonius learns dressage

+++Inquisitorial Report+++
+++Subject: Investigation at Port Layton+++
+++From: Acolyte Adept Thaddeus Pompeiius+++
+++To: Lord Inquisitor Cornelius Masters – Holy Ordo Hereticus+++
+++Date: 4 902 977M41+++
Lord Inquisitor at your behest we have investigated possible leads in Port Layton. We conversed with the local scum and dredged some morsels of information from their weak minds.

We discovered that the Tycho Endeavour and the Angry Jester are one and the same ship. An interesting part of this is that it was inquisitor Victor Alderman who signed the writ to release it from auction moments before the sale. It was released to Captina Ovidia who we know to be Sulpicia Fabia Romana of the coterie.

In a matter of both inquisition and personal importance we discovered how to find the Misercord. It is patrolling somewhere around the helion belt. We have a contact in Port Layton who will set us up with someone on the Misercord if we can find something of value to trade with them. They do not seem to be interested in Throne Geld, they trade in evil illicit relics and twisted technology for passage and lodging space.

Lastly, we have questioned some ex crew members of the Angry Jester. It appears to have spent much time around Piraxis IV.

We await your command on how to follow up these leads

Glory to the Omnissiah

Acolyte Adept Thaddeus Pompeiius


+++Administratum Report+++
+++Subject: Curiosity Within Warp Anomaly Archives+++
+++From: Adept Faraimus Scytho+++
+++To: Lord Inquisitor Pertinius Corusta – Holy Ordo Xenos+++
+++Date: 3 163 377M42+++

Glorious Inquisitor, Emperor Protects. May his glory shine for another millenium, and all that shall follow.

Over the past few years you have bestowed the righteous task of investigating the data from the millions of detected warp anomalies gathered by the Imperium ships. Many of these anomalies have turned out to be nothing more than scanner malfunctions, but the log I looked at today is highly interesting! It is a 400 year old log from a ship called The State Of Play. I have been able to get some time on the new Administratum cogitator and processed it. To my surprise I discovered a number of encoded messages the most telling seems to be this last one:

“Thaddeus, it is imperative that you heed this message as soon as the you detect it on the bridge. You and your faithful and dedicated acolytes along with Solonius are trapped in a warp anomaly. Time is looping around every three hours and culminates in the heart wrenching destruction of this beautiful ship. You must have the team do three things:

  • You need to tell the captain to immediately drop out of warp. He will not believe you so you will have to show him this key XXHX0373730DJFH88DH3883-HH77D0 along with this message.
  • You need to tell Magos Mackem LaFoundry that there is an annular feedback loop in the tachyon generator is causing a cooling system node to spike and exponentially pressurise. This pressure will blow the main conduit for the geller field flux and incapacitate the ship. He will give you some grief and understandably so, however he will take the captain’s word. You will know how to fix the issue, it is elementary!
  • It appears that the captain of this ship is holding a heretical and downright distateful metallic debauchery from a disgusting Xenos race. This “thing” is down in the gallery and is causing the time loop. Its unholy task is to reset time to three hours before it is destroyed. I can only assume this is some sort of malign machine spirit which is not intent on seeing the deaths of a thousand of blessed metal beauties just once. No, it must bask in this atrocity over and over again. I must have smited it many times before and it has not worked. It must be…deactivated, I shudder to think how hideous that will feel, may the Omnissiah walk beside you. There is also something chaotic in there that could probably do with being discarded too.

You will need to explain this to the other team members, though you will not have too much trouble, they are as loyal a you are. Master Solonius is another issue however, in the last few hours when I have spoken to him he seems to have had an air of disaffection about him. I believe that he is retaining knowledge from one iteration to another. He also seems to be a lot more learned, and has improved his vocabulary though it is mostly obscure swear words to chide gaius with. I’m sure to have a good talk to Solonius after all this, he seems to have been less than helpful on more than one occasion. A fact that Gaius will have much joy informing Inquisitor Masters of.

Good luck, and may the Omnissiah’s sacred oil always fill your sump.

P.S. attached is the text from each previous iteration of this message and a picture of the Xenos abomination in a binary heap for future reference”

As you can see Inquisitor Corusta this is most interesting! Seems like Eldar Temporal Repair Technology!

As always, ever faithful to the God Emperor of Mankind (May his sanctifying light shine through the Aquilla for eternity)

Adept Faraimus Scytho

P.S. I hoped that at some point you may forgive me of my mistake and consider taking me back on as an Acolyte again. I am truly truly grateful of the mercy you have already shown me by giving me this fine position in the Administratum but my heart yearns to serve the Emperor with the Inquisition. Thank You

+++Administratum Report+++
+++Subject: Curiosity Within Warp Anomaly Archives+++
+++From: Lord Inquisitor Pertinius Corusta – Holy Ordo Xenos+++
+++To: Adept Faraimus Scytho+++
+++Date: 3 164 377M42+++
Adept Scytho

Your “Mistake” cost us dearly and it is still well remembered.

You do seem to have found your place in the Administratum though.

Keep up the good work…

Lord Inquisitor Pertinius Corusta
Emperor Protects



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