The Naevus Heresy

Mission 17 – Addendum - Coterie rolecall!

Ovidia helped us to fill in some of the blanks of the Coterie role-call:
-Cassia Sula Victor apparently went her own way after the Tycho mutiny, and apparently hasn’t been much heard of. Ovidia described her as making a living on the streets, which (judging from the success of the Coterie as a whole) suggests she became a major player in the Ostian underworld. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear she remained in contact with the Coterie in a very unofficial capacity.
Octavius Titus Fidus, whom we knew to have deceased three years following the mutinty, we were told had suicide following the storm of media attention.
-Callidius Brutus Pius, of whom no records were available, has never left the side of Domitius Asinus Macro, the Ostian Consul, and now serves as his Lictor (personal bodyguard).
-Drenis Gaius Pius, whom was known to have deceased seven years ago, was described as making his own way, and very little further is known.



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