The Naevus Heresy

Mission 17 – Breadcrumbs - Intelligence summary

Following discussion with Lady Marian and Captain Ovidia, some lines were drawn and connections made...

Upon the Pyromancer we had the opportunity to confer with Inquisitor Marian – currently under the guise of Lady Helena, and Captain Ovidia separately. We established the following facts. For the sake of building up an accurate view of the situation, I’ve made no effort to separate our findings from either conversation – rather listed what we found out in a hopefully logical order. It’s worth noting that while we perhaps didn’t learn a great deal that we hadn’t been exposed to previously, our overall grasp of the wider picture amidst the grand scale of the conspiracy was vastly strengthened.

-Marian’s agenda, while separate to Masters’, ran parallel in the form of an investigation into widespread corruption within Ostian society and politics. This ties into our meeting her at Solent House, and actually spoiling a line of inquiry from her point of view.
-The Pyromancer/Angry Jester/Tycho’s Endeavour was indeed purchased by Captain Ovidia (formerly Sulpicia Fabis Romana of the 17 survivors of the Tycho Mutiny – known to us as the Coterie) upon the official order of Inquisitor Alderman. Had this order not gone through, the Endeavour would have ultimately gone to auction. Alderman was acting on orders from higher within the Inquisition, in order to acquire a useful ally of a Rogue Trader vessel than owed the Order.

-Marian was somewhat scathing of our view of the Coterie as a well-oiled and monolithic engine of manipulation. Rather, she expressed the view that they had gone about their own business while maintaining a mutually beneficial network of influence. This view was corroborated by Ovidia, who especially appears to have operated independently of the likes of Duro, or Kurtz, while running the occasional (presumably very profitable) errand for her fellows.
-Following on from this, Inquisitor Marian expressed a trust in Ovidia that she compared to us. Given that we are known to her as loyal acolytes of a fellow inquisitor, I find it somewhat odd that she would knowingly consort with an ally of the enemy.
-Again, here the scale of the situation betrayed my understanding – Marian was and remains quite happy to benefit from a relationship with a rogue trader known to work with heretics. The fact is that the activities at Solent House appear to (in her opinion) pale into insignificance beside the machinations of Magos Thulian upon the Miserchord. She also expressed satisfaction that any such ‘minor’ activities on the Coterie’s part were swiftly halted by the work of her fellow inquisitors such as Masters. We know full well this to be true.
-So then, her purpose in commandeering the Pyromancer and investigating the Zothrian city (at the apparently coincidental time as us) was purely to attempt to gain some significant alien artifact that she could then use as a bargaining chip to gain access to the Miserchord itself. Her view was that, at the very worst, the Pyromancer and all the heretics on board would be destroyed, and at best, she would have access to Thulian.

-Ovidia, upon questioning, was able to describe the events of the Tycho Mutiny almost exactly as is officially recorded. Her account of Alderman’s investigation and subsequent media storm suggests that she is well versed in it’s recounting.
-The survivors were surprised to be allowed to live following their potential exposure to an Alien contaminant, and appear to have gone on to live successful careers. This would only have been aided by their network of mutual benefit, as well as Magos Thulian’s gratitude, evidenced by their warp communication rings.
-She told us that she hadn’t heard from Thulian in quite some time, compared to the somewhat regular communication they’d had with him immediately afterwards, especially Duro.
-She described Duro Erebus Albinius and Archos Kurtz (Papirius Sectorius and Pontius Novanus respectively) as being the ‘driving force’ behind the Coterie in the early days, though later on this shifted more towards Invidius Galber Calpernius (our Nowhere Man) whom she flatly denied having any Psychic abilities whatsoever.

-Ovidia expressed admiration and loyalty to Thulian, and her fellows in the Coterie, describing them as doing the Emperor’s work in strengthening Naevus for defence against the Alien menace. Solent House she saw as a good business and method for building a network of allies to help this work.
-I’m of the opinion that, if informed about the more unsavoury aspects of the coterie’s indoctrination, heretical research, Daemon summoning and Xeno engineering, Ovidia would find it very difficult to believe or reconcile with her views. She is very much a peripheral player in all this.


I neglected to mention that Lady Marian mentioned she had “suspicions” regarding the strange artefact retrieved from the Black Ship on the hulk, but was not ready to share them with us.


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