The Naevus Heresy

Mission 18 - The Silent Guns

The Acolytes investigated a battery of guns in the North Western district of Ostia. Although a vast horde of enemy approached the gates, and these guns could have punished them on the final two to three hundred kilometers of their march, the guns were silent.
The Acolytes discovered the reason for the silence was a lack of ammunition. They then discovered the dead body of Min Davide who had an unusual metal object on her, a simple flat brass disc. Min had been killed not by bullet or knife. The only evidence on her was damage to the back of the throat and all her internal organs had been mashed up to a paste. The acolytes found no more information on what could have caused such a death. They located her hideout and found another such disc.

The acolytes compared the discs and found them to be identical in origin, stamped out of the same sheet of metal. They were believed to be parts from artillery ammunition.

The enemy had breached the walls by this point and were flowing into the city. Bitter street to street fighting was now occuring and the acolytes had to fight past some of the green eyed foe to return to the city proper.

The acolytes then discovered a warehouse with tons of brand new military materiel all packaged up ready to go, but an unusual discrepency that most was from one manufacturer and others were from other manufacturers. After analysing the records in the offices they came to the conclusion that brand new reserved military gear was being stolen from depots, reforged under a new companies name (Axel Syndicate) and then being sold back to the city. It was this corruption that had led to the silence of the battery and Min had discovered it and proved it with metalwork analysis.

The parties responsible revealed their hand when Decimus Facilis attacked the group almost killing Gauis and his new investigating companions.

The acolytes persuaded Major Maximus of the Legio IV to assault the main base of this corrupt activity, by giving him the keys to the warehouses full of extra equipment. This facility was now in enemy hands or at least on the border and was being bravely defended by Cohortes Urbanae forces. It was mostly surrounded but the Legio IV forces managed to punch a hole through and take over the facility. The Acolytes discovered at the heart of this corrupt activity was none but Aulus Petronius Pulcher. In a fierce battle they managed to slay Pulcher.

Inquisitor Viktor Aldermann then arrived with a full detachment of his 43rd Battalion “The Emperor’s Scourge” where upon Sister Lobelia Sorcha, a Hospitilar in his employ, removed Pulchers eye and from behind it removed a small dark object that appeared to be alive, like a tumour or a maggot from Pulchers brain. This was carefully stored and taken away.

Aldermann then left with his crew without even passing a word to the dumb struck acolytes. The acolytes then vacated the building quickly as they already knew Aldermann’s SOPs, and indeed his drop ships proceeded to level the entire structure using melta fire, destroying all traces of what remained.



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