The Naevus Heresy

Piraxis IV

Mission 13 - The one which no Inquisitor will believe

Mission Summary
We landed on Piraxis IV within the region of space called the Helion Belt – Piraxis IV is an entirely Jungle planet (about the size of Mars) with only ice-caps to fulfil the same functions as oceans on more civilised planets. It orbits a bright new star (Piraxis) which is only a few hundreds of millions of years old.

We quickly located and were shot down by a Imperial base. Crashing a few klicks from the base.

We found the few survivors of The 11th Imperial Huzzars 3rd ‘drop’ company – most tried to shoot us but we found a few loyal soliders. The ones that shot at us all had Imperial crosses on their backs that were pumping a virus into their blood to make them fanatical.

In the command center of the base we defeated Inquisitor Herrod (of the Ordos Xenos) and his acolytes with ease. They had been using this base to research and test out various modular viruses on the local fauna and evidentially the imperial drop company.

We found a Zothrian (Tchee) city built using non Euclidean geometry that been sealed off. It seemed to sap psychic energy as we stepped on it to grow. We found it was a entire city all stacked in on its self, with sets of twins pillars giving access to other parts of the city in the same three dimensional space. The city is many times larger than the cavern it was in yet to get a full idea of its size would take much longer than we had.

When we got back to the state of play, the captain informed us he had found a 300 year distress signal from Cardinal Hectors ship – “Corpus Impirator” (body of the emperor)

Important Information
- We knew the Angry Jester had spend much time here, presumably escorting the Doctor
- Their were links between the Misercord and Inquisitor Herrod
- Clearly Doctor Duro and his team had been here and had taken everything not nailed down
- We found and unplugged a Navigator called Nostro from the stellarium of the city

The Viruses
- The first virus Herrod was developing was to kill creatures. The main idea was a self perpetuating virus that would control the host to maximise how it spread. Though it was tested on humans it was clearly meant to be adjustable for any DNA profile and thus affect Aliens
- The second was to use virology to control people. Make them push harder and go beyond their normal limits, and to give them a singular purpose and determination.
- Herrod’s Research files indicated he was trying to not only develop weapons, but also to create more powerful soldiers to fight for the Imperium.

The Navigator
It appears there is a reference to Navigator Nostro in Inquisitor Herrod’s databanks. It seems he managed to activate some of the Zothrian tech and transport himself. He was lost. Now you figure perhaps he travelled in time or he made a return trip later. Either way it looks like he has been sat in his tank for a long time

They tried again with another navigator and had some success. When they finished on the site they demolished the tunnel.



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