The Naevus Heresy

Tarot Reading


Jael’s Walk in the Market

As you pass through the market place on your morning walk after your flagellation you pass by a small stall. You hear your name called from the stall. Wearing just your plain sisters habit with hood you know not how anyone would recognise you. Curiosity gets the better of you and behind the simple cloth door you see a venerable woman stood by a high table shuffling some cards. This seems ironic as you were just thinking about defying Sister Superior’s instruction not to speak with the seer of the order.
“How do you know my name?”
“I don’t. They do.” she says indicating the cards. She gives the cards a final shuffle and cut and deals ten cards face down onto the table. “You know your question” She begins to reveal them one by one.
“Card one, the Ace of swords. This card represents you, your pursuit of ultimate truth victory and success.
The second card is the Assassin, the force opposing you, this card means that it is hidden, obfuscated. The nature of the opposing force is not clear to you.
The third card, the foundation card, ahh the Astronomicon, but reversed. A lack of trust, self doubt the inability to adapt to changing circumstances and accept the opportunities it may bring. Your doubt could undo you.
Card four, the recent past, the five of swords, the lord of defeat, there is a failure or at least a dishonour in your past.
The fifth; the future, the moon Luna, danger but an opportunity too. Potential for great success or great danger. Psychic work or illusion or perhaps things not being as you first thought them.
Card six, your higher power, ahh the Cardinal, one who commands respect, but not love. A born manipulator, who has arrived in his position though brain and not brawn. The one who works in secret behind the scenes, a seeker of power with hidden motives.
Card seven the issue, the seven Aquila but reversed. Lack of decicivness that causes the challenge to be lost. Missed opportunities, failure to use all the tools at ones disposal.
Eight the place for allies and supporters, hmm… the ten of skulls again reversed. This means the damned, or the enemy, mutable or changing.
Card nine a strategy, the King of swords, the Space Marine. Clever skilful strong and direct. The space marine picks his battles and always venerates the Emperor above all others. There will be battle but the space marine is a diplomat too, an arbitrator and a builder. The marine is also a skilled leader in war, a powerful card.
Finally the outcome card, ten. The Voidship. Success, but hard won, triumph but at cost.”
As you make to leave the old woman stumbles, knocking the table, you help her to a seat, but in the stumble a card has fallen from the deck in her hands. It lies face down touching card eight and six. Her face is ashen. “You must see what it is!”.
You turn it over, it is the warmaster, the betrayer, a card forbidden in normal Tarot Decks. She quickly scoops up all the cards, snatching the 11th card from your hand and claims that the reading was already over and the final card had no significance. As she tidies up the cards you notice the outcome card also was knocked and now lies horizontal on the table.



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