The Naevus Heresy

The Pillars of Zothrian

Mission 15 - The one where Jael has to tread xeno blood after a fight

+++Inquisitorial Report+++
+++Subject: The Pillars of Zothrain+++
+++From: Acolyte Adept Thaddeus Pompeiius+++
+++To: Lord Inquisitor Cornelius Masters – Holy Ordo Hereticus +
+++Date: 4 120 978M41+++
Lord Inquisitor
Our situation is grave and it is my hope that this heavily encrypted log file will shed some light on our fates. It has been a month since we left the zothrain city. Our supplies are nearly done and our oxygen is low. Our only hope now is for the Omnissiah to show mercy and let this beautiful metal ark carry us to salvation. The machine spirit of the Sacrifice has a strong caring resolve but I believe that we may be become too weak and slip from her sheltering embrace. I will tell thee how we came to this.

We were with Cardinal Hector for his last candlemas when the Pillars of Zothrain appeared before us, just as Kerza predicted. Talus ordered us to the Sacrifice where we embarked immediately for the pillars. On arrival we found these aligned asteroids formed a colossal and mind bending entryway. The gap between each pillar was an individual docking bay which seemed to overlap infinitely over the next. Space layered upon space like the city on Piraxis 4.

We picked one of the docks and set down upon the alien mass. It was a flat plain of the green crystalline structure with what appeared to be a gate way. When disembarking we found a wonderful carved victory totem. It was pleasing to see an imperial presence on this chaotic Xenos plain, and it showed us a nice video of some Adeptus Astartes. The whole city appeared to have been cleared out and conquered by the Astartes some thousands of years prior to our visit.

Talus ordered us forwards, controlling and activating the abominable Xeno tech with blood to open gateways deeper into the structure. Once inside we found signs of fighting, shell casings and spent stimm packs of imperial origin. There seemed to be a number of warring factions present. There were Imperial mercenaries, automatons that looked like they had come from the Misercord and the Lat. There was also evidence of a live Xenos presence too.

We battled our way through to a central control room, fighting small pockets of Lat, Mercenaries and robots. For the record, If this gets back to the Magi on Ostia Endurance, I would like to say that I did not interact with this hideous system at all. The other acolytes took care of the controls and found the equivalent of an internal camera system. How they could bear to touch the thing was beyond me, but they managed to find the central effort of the mercenaries. The mercenaries were loading up an APC trailer with powerful weapons. At this point we split the team, Xantius went with Talus to the main core and the rest of us went to face off with the mercenaries.

Again, the route was frought, but the light of the Omnissiah shined upon us and we got to the APC loading area. The Mercenaries were being controlled by the Coterie members Dolan Albor, Dr Duro Albinius and Verantus Strabo. There ensued a bloody battle, some more robots appeared and a Zothrain predator like beast attacked us. We were victorious over all. Albor, Albinius and Strabo lay slain, all dying a heretics death. Albinius especially, he was shot in the back, an exceptional heretic’s death. The Zothrain predator beast was also slain, Our battle sister showed extra-ordinary courage and zeal in dispensing with it.

Our glory was short lived as we checked on Xantius’s eye camera. Xantius was lying on the floor bleeding, In the background was shadow of Talus working the colossal core. He extracted a small sharp rock like object and took flight. We rushed to the core room to collect the body and investigate. It appeared that the artifact Talus made away with was critical to the stability of this whole structure and it was collapsing fast.

We moved quickly to get back to the Sacrifice, navigating the maze of rooms as they came down around us. As we emerged, we caught a glimpse of Talus boarding a Misercord vessel. We tried to shoot him with the heavy stubbers but he seemed to have the ability to control the green tesselated floor to deflect our shots. We abandoned the gunnery in favour of escape. Just as I got to the pilot seat, the structure below us began to explode issuing shock wave after shockwave of twisted space. Graccus and I wrestled with the ship’s controls but could not stabilise it fully. Sacrifice took heavy damage and we found ourselves floating through space.

This is where we find ourselves. Our only hope is with the Omnissiah now. The hope that He will deliver Talus to a traitor’s end.

Glory to the Omnissiah


Good job!
You didn’t mention the State of play getting pounded and having to make an emergency warp jump.

The Pillars of Zothrian

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