Mathias Balazar

An ancient gunslinger. Chaplain of the Ghost Raider Chapter


Balazar is a very tall and strong man. He is grim with an age to his face that makes you think he has seen a great deal. His skin bears old prison tatoos from when he was originally sent to Varis many years ago. He has a pair of pearl handled revolvers hand crafted to a superb standard. When the acolytes met him he was wearing heavy furs which covered his strong frame, and also had a hunting rifle.

Unknown, except from his tatoo it is likely he was once a prisoner on Varis.

The acolytes know he is a “Brother” of the ghost raider chapter of space marines. It appears he holds a spiritual role in the chapter. OOC he is a space marine chaplain. He clearly has a responsibility for training new recruits on Varis.

How the acolytes know this character:
He found the acolytes when they wandered Varis. It appears that he wanted the acolytes to leave as soon as possible. He last saw the acolytes on the deserts of Indur when the Inquisitor came and collected them.

How this character sees the acolytes:
He saw them as a pest to be hurried along so they left. Presumably the chapter did not wish to anger the Inquisition by killing the acolytes, though they were within their rights to do so.
He seemed to leave on amicable terms with Inquisitor Masters who negotiated the trade for the acolytes and the Data Ark.

Since mission 10 “man in the Moon” Chaplain Balazar holds the acolytes in high regard and even thanked them sincerely for their help in bringing the Chaos Space Marine Balcholth to justice.

Allies & minions:
An entire chapter of space marines.
More specifically the Entire 9th company (the newest battle brothers) is his to command.

Mathias Balazar

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