Dolan Albor

Mercenary captain, coterie member - DECEASED


Albor is a tough soldier, he looks healthy for his age and often wears heavy armour. He carries a bolt gun and a pistol.

Member of Coterie. Originally Scapula Agricola Aelius from Ostia.
The acolytes caught up with Albor in the Zothrian city and killed him.

Mercenary Captain. Dealer with the Lat.

How the acolytes know this character:
Acolytes met Albor in the firefight at the Xenos landing site in Feducia. He escaped on the Lat ship into orbit with the Tchee artefact the acolytes were hunting.

How this character sees the acolytes:
They messed up his exchange with the Xenos race The Lat. He also blasted at the acolytes with his bolt gun. So presumably he dislikes the acolytes.

Allies & minions:
Head of Albor Enterprises.
Albor Enterprises, his organisation of mercenaries has largely gone to ground since the firefight against the Inquisition, but no doubt it still poses a significant threat. They have a large amount of heavy equipment and weaponry. No doubt they will resurface in the defence of more of the coterie’s endeavours.

Mercenary dolan albor

Dolan Albor

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