Eleanor Rudelmann

Coterie Trader



Originally Ostia Verus of the Ostia Legio III 4th Cohors 7th Centuria 4th Contubernium. Identified by Medicus and his DNA analysis of the landiong site in Going Going Gone.
Eleanor has undergone some extensive cosmetic surgery.
Met again in Mission 11 where the Acolytes failed to take her alive and had to kill her in order to save Thaddeus.

Coterie member, Eleanor has been the face of the legitimate trading the Coterie has been doing around the various cities. She has links with the ship Angry Jester

How the acolytes know this character:
They met her at the Eight Crystals Auction house in Feducia in “Going Going Gone”. There she gave them the slip on several occasions.

How this character sees the acolytes:
Last known running off into the Jungle. The acolytes had been shooting at her so presumably she doesn’t like them very much.

Allies & minions:

Eleanor Rudelmann

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