Estellis Pompeius

Rogue tech priest aboard the misercord. Sister of Thaddius Pompeiius.


Estellis is a rogue tech priest.


Unknown, probably heavily augmented with bizarre and non-standard implants.

Estellis grew up with Thaddius and is about 5 years older than him. She joined the machine cult aboard the transport ship Ostia Endurance. After a number of years she started to nurture an interest in original research and non-golden age technology. This is tantamount to heresy among tech priests and caused much unrest between her and Thaddius, who was just starting to be being initiated into the Mechanicus himself.

She disappeared shortly after his initiation.

Tech priest aboard the Misercord

How the acolytes know this character:
She is Thaddius’s sister.

How this character sees the acolytes:
Estellis sees Thaddius as a closed minded fool. She has not met the other acolytes.

Allies & minions:
The last time Thadduis spoke to her was in the midst of a heated arguement, she expressed a bond of understanding between Magos Thullian and herself.

Estellis Pompeius

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