Hamlin Lustig

Chief of security in solent house turned ally of Masters


Prim proper officer material. Hamlin Lustig could easily be a staff officer in the imperial guard for his appearance.

Master of security at Solent House, Lustig defected to Inquisitor Masters’ side when he was captured by the strike force attack on Solent house. Since then he has been trying to prove his loyalty and worth to Masters.

When Lustig was captured, he immediately requested a knife, a cup of acid and a medical team on standby. he took the knife to his arm and pulled out a silver device which was looped around one of his main arteries. He dropped the device into the pool of acid. At that very moment, the other high ranking captives from solent house were found torn to pieces in their cells. We suspected that the silver device was a for tracking purposes. Lustic suffered massive blood loss during this process and nearly lost his life.

Since then Lustig has aided with many of the acolytes missions. He is handy in a firefight, but his expertise lies with organising logistics, security and operations.
Lustig barely survived “Nadir” where he was shot multiple times by cultist heretics.

Lustig is a military advisor and also capable soldier.

How the acolytes know this character:
The acolytes met Lustig at solent house. They also spent significant time with him on Varis in Raiders of the Lost Data Ark.

How this character sees the acolytes:
Lustig seems to have great respect for the acolytes. He does mistrust Xantius even though Xantius saved Lustig’s life on Varis. It was the manner of the life saving that Lustig fears. Epilogue Mission 5.

Allies & minions:
None now. All either dead or joined with coterie endeavours.

Hamlin Lustig

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