Inquisitor Cornelius Masters

100 year old Ordos Hereticus Inquisitor



A rather secretive but able Inquisitor. Likes to play his cards close to his chest. Does not like to openly use his inquisitorial seal, but rather use more subtle means to reach his goals.

Tough gritty quality, Inquisitor Masters has experienced a lot in his battles with the enemies of mankind.

Masters seems kind and generous to those under his command, but it is clear that his dedication to his work far outweighs his dedication to any of his subordinates.

Masters has close ties with several orders of Adepta Sororitas. He will use them as shock troops when required. Castella is his liaison with the order of Ophelia. Jael is his link with the order of the Righteous Brand and St Deborah’s soldiers.

Masters has displayed some rather gruesome psyker powers, including the ability to enter a man’s mind and read his very thoughts, and the ability to flense the flesh off a man’s face. A rather horrific sight for those who witness such as Gaius.

Masters puts stock in predictions of the future and even has his own personal sooth sayer. He does not share these predictions however but it is clear his actions are guided by them. The refusal of Sura’s request to recover the 7-Sisters book in place of sending in the new acolyte team is one such example of his faith in the Tarot.


Inquisitor Cornelius Masters

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