Inquisitor Viktor Aldermann

Ordo Xenos Inquisitor. Rival of Masters


Aldermann looks like a mean witch hunter with a power sword and a big hat. He is almost 7ft tall and very muscular.

Not much is known of his history, especially his history with Inquisitor Masters. The acolytes do know that there is a deep rivalry there.
They also know that he was the responding Inquisitor after the Tycho Mutiny.

Ordo Xenos Inquisitor.
Aldermann is old school. His methods are direct and often destructive. Masters loathes this wasteful approach.

How the acolytes know this character:
He siezed all the evidence after Horror at St Ophelia’s and killed their main suspect Pontifex Claudius Glaber.

How this character sees the acolytes:
Masters has warned the acolytes that Aldermann will see them as worthless skum and might even kill them outright just to spite Masters. Masters has warned the acolytes not to step on Aldermann’s toes lest they get squished (not the toes).

Allies & minions:
At least one team of acolytes. Vast quantities of wealth, the authority of the Emperor and the Throne. Recently a Battalion of planetary troops from offworld to help clear out the lower hives of Ostia and remove a criminal gang.

Acolyte team Theta:
-Father Dophus Arrimun, A hulking great Adeptus Ministorum missionary, armed with a huge shotgun and carrying an Aquilla flag.
-Raam and Craxus, twin thugs – highly proficient ones
-Guillaum Aurelius, Arrimun’s double, armed with chainsword and epic beard
-Hospitalier Sister Lobelia Sorcha
-Underworld and vehicle specialist Sazmichaela Cothraxia
-A grim faced as yet un-named Crusader, identified by his massive sword and storm shield.

The Emperor’s Scourge – the 43rd Battalion of the Sarcozian System
Some 27,000 off-world troopers seconded from the pdf legion of a far sector. Recruited from the elite of local penal legions, this force is notorious for it’s ferocity and delighting zeal in battle. A not-insignificant fraction appear to be mindwipe victims.


Inquisitor Viktor Aldermann

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