Legate Investigator Quintus Horatius Gaius

Adeptus Arbite Inquisitorial Acolyte - Now Interrogator


Gaius now sports heavy facial scarring, asymmetric hairline due to burns and a piercing milky left eye.

Name: Quintus Horatius Gaius
Homeworld: Hive World
Career: Arbitrator
Rank: Intelligencer
Gender: Male
Build: Wiry
Skin Color: Ruddy
Hair Color: Grey
Eye Color: Green
Age: 32
Quirk: You have a facial scar from an old knife wound.
Divination: In the darkness, follow the light of Terra. +3 Willpower

WS: 32
BS: 44
S: 35
T: 40
Ag: 35
Int: 43
Per: 40
WP: 36
Fel: 43
Wounds: 18
Fate points: 2

Traits: Accustomed to Crowds, Caves of Steel, Hivebound, Wary

Basic Skills: Tech-Use (Int) (Caves of Steel), Inquiry (Fel)
Advanced Skills: Speak Language (Hive Dialect) (Int), Speak Language (Low Gothic) (Int), Literacy (Int), Common Lore (Adeptus Arbites) (Int), Common Lore (Imperium) (Int)

Talents: Basic Weapons Training (SP), Melee Weapons Training (Primitive), Rapid Reload

Starting XP 400
BS+5 i 100
Awareness 100
Inquiry + 10 100
Scrutiny 100
Mission 1 XP 500
Sound Constitution 100
Intimidate 100
Security 100
Melee Shock 100
Pistol SP 100
Mission 2 XP 400
BS+5 ii 250
Dodge 100
Mission 3 XP 1,000
Scholastic Lore Judgement 100
Search 100
T + 5 i 100
T + 5 ii 250
Secret tongue Acolyte 200
Sound Constitution 100
Sound Constitution 100
Awareness + 10 100
Mission 4 XP 1,000
Per+5 i 250
Charm 100
Deceive 100
Tracking 100
Fel +5 i 250
Command 100
Forbidden Lore CULTS 100
Mission 5 XP 1,500
Interrogate 100
Forbidden Lore MUTANTS 100
Forbidden Lore HERESY 100
Forbidden Lore Psykers 100
Scrutiny + 10 100
Inquiry + 20 100
Dodge + 10 150
Search + 10 100
Security + 10 100
Tracking + 10 100
Quick Draw 100
Intelligence + 5 i 100
Intelligence + 5 ii 250
Mission 6 XP 300
Mission 7 XP 500
Common Law Underworld 100
Scholastic Law Naevus System 200
Air of Authority 200
Forbidden Lore DEMONOLOGY 100
Sound Constitution 100
Sound Constitution 100
Mission 8 XP 600
Willpower + 5 i 250
Scrutiny + 20 200
Resistance (insanity) 100
Mission 9 XP 1200
Agility +5 500
Awareness +20 150
Search +20 100
Tracking +20 100
Basic Weapon training (Launcher) 200
Double team 100
True Grit 100
Mission 10 XP 800
Drive ground vehicle 100
Drive +10 100
Sound Con 200
Jaded 250
Hard Target 100
Mission 11 XP 1000
Resistance (fear)(except fear of flensing) 200
Pistol training bolt 100
Deadeyeshot 200
Step aside 100
Nerves of steel 100
Disguise 200
Mission 12 XP 800
Weapon skill +5 (i) 250
Weapon skill +5 (ii) 500
Mission 13 XP 800
Resistance (Psychic powers) 300
Strong Minded 100
Sound Constitution 200
Sound Constitution 200
Hardy 100


The son of an Arbitrator who gave his life in the service of the Emperor, Gaius was raised in the Schola Progenium attached to the primary hive of planet Naevus. He was tutored in all aspects of Imperial culture and the correct worship of the Emperor, meaning by the time he was old enough to join the Adeptus Arbites he was fully indoctrinated into the Imperial Cult, with a healthy level of hatred for Heresy in all it’s forms. Gaius holds a special hatred for genetic heresy, especially Psykers, and greatly resents their essential function in the Imperium. His ultimate fear would be to discover late in life that he or the people he is close to hold the genetic flaw required, which would inevitably lead to corruption from the warp.

Over his first few years with the Adeptus, Gaius worked the hive streets and dealt with food riots, political sedition and most vehemently – claims of Witchcraft. He picked up a reputation for being straight, no-nonsense and by the book if occasionally brutal in his dispensation of the holy Lex Imperialis.

During his teens in the Schola, there occurred a series of hivequakes which lead to some ruined areas of the lower hive city. Many areas were resettled and repaired, but the worst effected became no go areas – havens for petty crime games and seditionists. Over the years the adeptus sent many patrols into these areas to clear them for the repair crews, but more scum swiftly filtered back upon their departure. The largest and most degenerate of these areas was a section at the very belly of the hive city, high enough to qualify as middle hive, but only just. This place was widely regarded as haunted by the various horrors who crept through the gaps from the underhive, and became known colloquially as “The Shatters”.

While investigating an unusual number of disappearances in an inhabited hab dome in the Shatters’ vicinity, Gaius and his troop uncovered an infestation of Plague Zombies spreading their loathesome infliction. The Arbitrators swiftly despatched the foul beasts and called in a clean up crew, but revealed in the process evidence that the Zombies had not crept through from the Sump as previously thought. Further investigation revealed a damaged container crate recently dumped in the area which had transported the infected into the area of the Shatters closest to habitation.

Subsequent investigation uncovered similar events in areas of the hive, most concentrated in the lawless underhive, but spread more thinly across the rest of the hive The events reminded Gaius of a case he had read of from years before his birth, that of the heretic group the Dark Sons. They had created a network of petty agitators who worked to create urban disturbances, disrupt supplies and generally detabilise local government with a view to taking control of the hive and ceding from Imperial rule. The Adeptus had come down suitably hard on the heretics and the organisation was thought to have become extinct.

It appeared as though someone had reactivated sleeper agents or those missed by the initial crackdown and resurrected the group’s activities. Why they would seek to cause such problems was unknown, and only the decisive actions of Gaius and his squad had prevented a full epidemic of the lower hive city.

Following up on their activities, Gaius discovered them to be more widely active than they ever had previously, their cells stretched seemingly as far as the Upper Spire. The central source of their new found efficiency was a mystery, and eventually the Adeptus’ reports attracted the attention of visiting Inquisitorial despatch Cornelius Masters.

Impressed by the Arbitrator’s perserverance, Masters seconded Gaius onto his retinue for the duration of his investigation into the group, which culminated in a confrontation trip to the Upper Spire. They faced many dangers on their path, which led them to one Mendax Surjonis, a charismatic third son of a noble lord, whose forays into forbidden knowledge had left him warp tainted and quite mad. His efforts to gain control of the <name> had led him to some success in his twisted plan, and had gained him the gratitude of his dark masters.

Together Masters and his retinue defeated the unhinghed lord and his cabal of twisted insurrectionists, and stipped his crazed plan. In the process Gaius saw dark, dark things that served only to strengthen his resolve to walk boldly in the Emperor’s holy light. He was also fortunate enough to see the full extent of an Inquisitor’s power, both in investigation and combat, but ultimately in serving the Emperor’s divine justice on those so clearly in need. He agreed eagerly to aid the Inquisitor should he require aid in the future – his tales of Master’s exploits echo the halls of the Fortress Precinct on many a long night.

Legate Investigator Quintus Horatius Gaius

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