Min Davide

Arbites turned Inquisitorial acolyte


Min appears in her Arbites Uniform (even though she is technically not a member of the arbites anymore). She has short trimmed hair, dresses smartly, in general a businesslike appearance.

A career arbites she has worked hard to gain the promotions she achieved. Min was a Centurion in the Cohortes Urbanae of Ostia. She has made many arrests in the name of the Emperor and was a promising officer before her fall from grace. She placed herself at the mercy of Gaius who turned her over to Masters. Masters has since recruited her to his staff ensuring she has an indefinite reprieve from prosecution by the arbites. She claims that all the charges are 100% fabricated and wishes to work to clear her name and bring the corrupt elements in the arbites to justice.

Since the betrayal Min is now on the run from the autorities for an outstanding arrest warrant.

Min works as a very efective investigator for Masters, but largely behind the scenes rather than interviewing suspects outside of the Inquisitorial complex in Ostia. Her analytical skills are superb.

How the acolytes know this character:
They met Min during their first mission while on the trail of the “Dust” drug.

How this character sees the acolytes:
She is very pleased that the acolytes took her in and saved her from certain execution. She is very keen to please Masters with effective investigation work.

Allies & minions:
None now. Has a lot of friends still on the force.

Min Davide

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