The Baron

Wealthy Naevian land owner. Gul Pha enthusiast and friend to Acolytes. Full name: Baron Havalir Saerton Ulbrexis


An elderly gentleman with a “what ho” attitude. The Baron has a bionic leg after one of his legs (presumably) was lost in a war.

Ulbrexis is a war veteran. An officer in the guard he has fought the forces of the enemy on many occasions. It appears he was an artillery officer in several large siege actions. Stories mix together, but anyone who knows him understands there is a wealth of history he has seen and been part of the making.

One story sticks out above all the others Did I ever tell you how I lost my leg?

Baron Ulbrexis of Naevus. Wealthy land owner. Ulbrexis is a collector of Gul Pha artefacts and hosted a dig on his lands into a major Gul Pha site.

How the acolytes know this character:
The Acolytes investigated the The Gul Pha Pyramid on his land and met him then. They met him again at the eight crystals auction house in Going Going Gone.

How this character sees the acolytes:
The Baron seems attracted to the acolytes for the sense of adventure and excitement they rekindle in him. He (quite rightly) beleives that in the acolyte’s wake is action! Something he seems to crave.

Allies & minions:
The Baron is a very wealthy man. He also commands his household guards (led by a Captain Movern). It is likely that the Baron could mobilise some significant resources to a goal he set his mind to.

Epilogue Mission 7

Captain Movern:
Captain of the Baron’s household guard. Has a strong dislike for Gaius. Seems unprofessional and motivated only by self interest. Did not come to acolytes aid in the Harrow.


The Baron

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