The Naevus Heresy

Solent House
Mission 2 - The one where we forget the keyword

The Acolytes investigate a strange school. Things are not as they should be and children are being indocrinated in something slightly different to the imperial cult. Strange practices are uncovered, including a medical bay with just a bit too much surgical equipment.
The leader of the school is Archus Kurtz, who commits suicide before the situation is resolved.

The mission is ended when the acolytes call in the air wing of the Sisters of St Ophelia. Inquisitor Marien who was in the school undercover investigating is very angry at the acolytes for ruining her investigation.

Items are recovered from the school for further study.
Hamlin Lustig is captured and later defects to the Inquisition.

Dust to Dust
Mission 1 - The one where Octus was a Sharpshooter

Gaius’ Mission Report

Tracking a Psy Drug with the street name “Dust” the acolytes discover a drugs ring of criminals. This leads them to some disturbing truthes about the Ostian hive’s authorities. They discover a transport ship that has been used to move the drugs about.
They also discover an adict who gives prophetic messages.


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