The Naevus Heresy

Shadow of Ophelia's Light
Mission 9 - The one where the acolytes didn't suck.

Mission 9

Prologue Mission 9
Conversation with Invidius

This report carries on directly from the prologue

Marius, Masters and Galia are all pinned down in a raid on a suspicious bomber factory. They are tracking something very important and very valuable being smuggled through The Network. There was heavy fire coming from an overhead crane and gantry which rendered movement impossible. The acolytes are sent out of a side door to flank the enemy position. After thwarting a pair of booby-trapped corpses the acolytes make their way though to a largish room with an ornate stained glass window. Everything seemed normal but Thaddeus noticed that his internal chronometer had jumped several minutes foreward.

Octus checked the conversation he logged on his autoquill. There was a written record of the conversation that took place. It turns out that they had a brief crack with Invidius Galba Calpurnius the “Nowhere Man”. Invidius told them that the map (the valuable artifact they were tracking) had already been moved on. He then suggested that there was something more to the wound that Gaius recieved in the warehouse mission too. The acolytes took what was said on board and continued to storm the gantries.

The gangers who were defending the hanger were a loosely affiliated gang of manufactorium workers from in a machine parts factory downtown. They had been sabotaging the release clamps on the bombers. The acolytes took that lead and Graccus flew them over to the factory in Sacrifice, Inquisitor Masters sent Solonius along with them. On the flight over, Solonius gave Gaius a lot of grief about the auction house mission.

The machine shop was a two level building, the first level was the manufacturing area and the first floor was a nice desk and a couple of offices. They entered in at the office and were promptly ambushed by about ten thugs and a couple of suspicious looking chaps in red jackets. It looked like the acolytes were going to be captured but Graccus flew the Sacrifice outside the window and fully raked the shit out of the top whole first floor with the mounted heavy stubbers. Long battle short, Thaddeus and Gaius got set on fire, lots of people got shot, the acolytes captured one of the guys in the red jackets and laid waste to the machine shop. The local arbites appeared just as a very nasty chemical fire was getting started and the enemy were being routed. We then met Gaius’s old flame, Tertia Lucretia Iuventia Artoria. Tertia was an Optio (like a platoon leader) in the arbites and knows Gaius from when they were both in the force. They have a talk and she complains about the corruption and malpractice in the arbites. In an uncanny twist, she was sent round the area on a patrol just as the acolytes were storming the factory. They were ordered to shoot EVERYBODY on site, she did not shoot the acolytes who surrendered, a decision that caused an undue amount of backlash from her superiors. Once they had gone their own ways Gaius turned his attention to the prisoner. After a little while and a few choice treatments from his excruciator kit, the prisoner broke and told him that he worked for Mickey the Fish and his gang “The Slippers”.

After most likely executing the prisoner the acolytes had to plug the streets for knowledge. After turning up a few dead ends, they were led to a nice mansion in one of the hive spires, a big four level affair. They were told that The Fish had taken the map here. One of the informants was Tertia who gave some good information and offered herself and some hand picked arbites from her squad to help.

The nice mansion was successfully stormed and the map was retrieved. The map or should we say turned out to be a living person. The acolytes mopped up the remainder of The Fish’s guard, and then The Fish himself. Jael swiftly decapitated The Fish thereby removing the problem of escaping the residence with two captured persons. We made our way back down the stairs and called Graccus to evac us away from the mansion along with the map. They got to the ballroom where Tertia’s arbites were in a standoff with the arbites of Centurion Septus Carlos Thelopius. This is where we saw Aulus Petronius Pulcher order Thelopius’s arbites to open fire on Tertia’s arbites. Tertia managed to hold them off while the acolytes escaped with the map. It is assumed that Tertia was executed by Pulcher when she lost the firefight.

That was not the end of problems for the acolytes, oh no! Xantius fell to his death while trying to jump across to the ship. Then when we were on the ship it went into a spiralling death dive. Thaddeus jumped to the controls and, after nearly burning his data ports, he managed to stabilise the flight. Graccus had lost control because he had been shot and was dying. We were just about to land when we got a call from Xantius, he was OK! He had managed to cling onto the fuselage with his claw and needed to drop off before he was crushed by the landing gear. Graccus was turned into a servitor skull and installed back into the ship without losing too much of his piloting skills. We did not have to execute Gaius yet so, all in all, as clean a sweep as you could expect!

Epilogue Mission 9

Kerza's predictions
  1. The little bird speaks the lies of the enemy
  2. The traitor amongst you will bring death
  3. Ten legions cannot turn back the tide
  4. The hidden one hides in plain sight
  5. The pillars of Zothrian will open on Hector’s last Candlemas
  6. Do not destroy the Black Stone – cut it’s throat to starve it’s heart
  7. Trust the boy
The Story So Far
Brief summary up to adventure 8

Inquisitor Cornelius Masters has recruited the acolytes (players) in order to fight heresy and the enemies of mankind in the hive city of Ostia located on the planet Naevus in the Naevus system.

The acolytes have been through some tough times in the service of Masters and have started to uncover a large conspiracy that reaches from the top of the government to the criminals in the very pits of ostia.

One common thread seems to emerge. The Coterie. A group of ex-army soldiers who all won the highest of military honours in an action over 50 years ago in the The Tycho Mutiny.

Other common themes seem to be the infiltration of xenos artefacts onto the planet from a race know as The Lat. These artefacts include scanners for latent psyker powers and crystals for storing such power, as well as an alien manufactured drug whose street name is “Dust” which seems to affect different people in different ways.

Blasphemy at Berg Eltz
Mission 8 - The one where Xanthius is Awesome

The acolytes are sent to the home of Lord Balkin, a reclusive industrialist and collector of rare books, in pursuit of a book called “The Seven Sisters”.

They discover the situation is not entirely normal when a murdered house member has been rotted by a vile plague from the insides out.

The plague has struck before, called Karvok’s Curse. Many were killed before they burned the witch they thought responsible when it seemed to end.
Lord Karvok the Blasphemer was a warlord of the enemy who ruled part of Naevus while it was lost in the warp storm. In the Liberation of the planet he was slain by St. Teressa of the Faint Smile. His body was destroyed but his possessions including his armour were smuggled away by those loyal to him.

It is this armour that has caused this upheaval. The acolytes discover the resting place of the armour and purge it of the daemonic slime monster that guards it. However it is too late and the armour has already been removed.
When the acolytes return to the castle they find the armour has transformed the man wearing it into a daemon of imense speed agility and strength, but worst it can move through walls.

They track down the focus of its entry into the world, the young boy who first found the armour and was affected by it. By threatening him the daemon materilised and Jael with one true swing of the holy sword of Raphaell slew the beast.

Lord Balkin gave up the book to the Inquisition and the boy was taken away and given to the Emperor’s Peace.

Epilogue Mission 8

Going Going Gone
Mission 7 - The one where Gaius makes a Awful Decision

Following the leads from the warehouse the acolytes arrive at the Eight Crystals Auction house with an auction underway. They locate an unusual lot on offer hidden amongst some Gul Pha remains, but this is most certainly not Gul Pha in origin, but Tchee, the alien visitors to this world over 10,000 years ago.

They enter a bidding war with Eleanor Rudelmann but are both outbid by Baron Ulbrexis who arrives in style suitably late.
After conspiring with the Baron they decide to lay a trap for the coterie and let the artefact be transported away by trucks. Following behing their suspicions were proven correct when the convoy is raided by a mercenary group.

They follow the mercenaries by a tracker installed into the artefacts casing, and assault the mercenaries and Xenos unto whom the artefact was being transfered. They lament the moment that Gaius turned away Marius and his inquisitorial combat team, and engage ina fierce battle with mercenaries and xenos alike. Luckily Captain Moverne (Ulbrexis’ household guard captain) arrives with reinforcements which tips the battle in favour of the acolytes.

The Xenos escape with the artefact and the mercenary captain Dolan Albor.
The rest of the mercenaries are killed or flee.
The acolytes capture vast quantities of “Dust” and Psy Scanners and the crystal orbs used to collect Psy energy of humans.

The Coterie is foiled, but both Eleanor and Dolan escaped.

Epilogue Mission 7

The Forgotten Warehouse
Mission 6 - The one where Gaius set Masters on fire

Two of the acolytes return from a routine search of one of hundreds of warehouses. Nothing to report.
“Then why are you bleeding?” asks Masters.

They have no memory of the events that transpired, but quickly return in force. The team led by Gaius assault the warehouse and incover a trail that tenuously leads to the Eight Crystals Auction House.

Raiders of the Lost Data Ark
Mission 5 - The one where we ignore Gaius's Good Decision

Prologue Mission 5

The acolyes are invited by the Adeptus Mechanicus to travel to the frozen prison continent of Varis to investigate a crashed ship and recover a priceless artefact, the Data Ark. The Ark is a cogitator of ancient and great power, from the age of technology.

The continent is forbidden to the adeptus but the mechanicus think that the acolytes can avoid the restriction due to their inquisitorial status. It soon becomes apparent that the ice floes are not abandoned, nor simply haunted by “Ghosts” as some locals would have it. They are filled with dangers including huge beasts with fangs a foot long and gangs of savage criminals; armed by mysterious benefactors from orbit with military equipment the gangs hunt the acolytes.

The acolytes soon discover the reason for the ban on all adeptus from this continent. It is the training grounds for a secretive space marine chapter called the Ghost Raiders, Brother Mathias Balazar meets the acolytes and tries to aid them in order that their stay on Varis be cut as short as possible. It is clear the Ghost is not best pleased with their presence.
However as Masters says later he can’t have been that upset or he would have killed the acolytes immediately.

The Acolytes find the downed ship, and the xenos artefacts that skuttle into people’s spines controlling them which brought the ship down in the first place. The ark is guarded by Magos Maar, now infested by the little spidery machines.

Once the acolytes are victorious they are escorted from the continent by the Ghosts and dumped in the desert where Masters meets them and takes them back to Ostia.

Epilogue Mission 5

Horror at St Ophelia's
Mission 4 - The one with a bad in-Joke

The acolytes investigate a Cathedral with some links to the previous goings on. They get a lot more than they bargain for when the cathedral goes into lock down and the Pontifex in charge descends into madness.
His broken mind is unable to control the warp creature he has been using to cover his nefarious schemes and the acolytes must hunt it down into the catacombs and destroy it.

The entity was controlled by a xenos device made of black stone (just like the location in the previous mission) with four rings connected by chains. The Amelius codex was found in the Pontifex’s posession and a copy was made for the acolytes afterwards.

Their investigation is ended when the cathedral is assaulted by Inquisitor Viktor Aldermann and his men.

Epilogue Mission 4

Waterfall cathedral

The Gul Pha Pyramid
Mission 3 - The one where we try sneaking

On Hamlin’s suggestion the Acolytes investigate a site called the Harrow. Underneath they find an archaeological dig performed by Dr. Duro Albinus. The Gul Pha city represents a huge achievement for this ten thousand year dead race of neanderthal like peoples. They seem to have erected a huge city in honour of the Tchee, a xenos race that visited the planet.
The evidence shows the whole place was cleansed by the great crusade ten thousand years ago, when the planet was first settled by humans.

The Tchee site however still has life in the form of a possessed defence mechanism who is rallying local mutant support to cause chaos. The Acolytes penetrate the Tchee location and although they rarely mention what happened inside that room they survived and recovered some useful evidence. The local arbites proctor was not so lucky. Xantius has never been the same.

Epilogue Mission 3

Solent House
Mission 2 - The one where we forget the keyword

The Acolytes investigate a strange school. Things are not as they should be and children are being indocrinated in something slightly different to the imperial cult. Strange practices are uncovered, including a medical bay with just a bit too much surgical equipment.
The leader of the school is Archus Kurtz, who commits suicide before the situation is resolved.

The mission is ended when the acolytes call in the air wing of the Sisters of St Ophelia. Inquisitor Marien who was in the school undercover investigating is very angry at the acolytes for ruining her investigation.

Items are recovered from the school for further study.
Hamlin Lustig is captured and later defects to the Inquisition.


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