Campaign Epilogue

Inquisitor Masters took a break from his duties as an active Inquisitor for several years. When he took up the mantle again it was far away from Naevus and the entire sector. He never contacted any of his team ever again. The Inquisition has credited him with the utter destruction of the Zothrian Race and all traces of that Xenos and the daemon they employed, and the confounding of another hive spawning. The costs in man power and materiel of the Naevus Heresy War, as it becomes known, pale to insignificance against the vast output of the Ostian hive in years to come. Some inquisitors still state that the risks were too great and the entire city should have been purged, but history favours Masters’ approach.

Inquisitor Aldermann continued his effort for the Ordo Xenos. He was charged with destroying all remaining evidence, artefacts, bodies and anything tainted by the Naevus Heresy. He did this in his traditional fashion of loading it all into a cargo hauler and then firing the entire lot into a black hole. For him the fallout of the last 50 years of the Heresy was not over, indeed the final conspirator of the Naevus Heresy would never forgive him for his actions.

Gaius left the service of the Ostian Cohortes Urbanae. Although he tried, he did not have the stomach for politics in the end. Nor did he have a skill for the day to day administration of a police department. He spent some time as an officer investigating crime, but there was always a void in his life where his part as a throne agent had been. He took to private and freelance work, but was never truly satisfied. Eventually he took employment with a Rogue Trader, hoping to find his answers amongst the stars.

The events of the Naevus Heresy had a profound effect on Jael. She found it hard to reconcile the achievement in the name of the Emperor with her hard line on the alien and the heretic, both of which she had seemed to work with at one time or another. Jael swore an oath of silence and went on a pilgrimage to the Well of Saint Maria a holy site near the Holy City of Andos. There she returned the Blade of Gabriel to the order of sisters who honoured that site. Although she was welcomed and allowed to stay indefinitely Jael still felt an inner turmoil. She left the nunnery and sought peace on the path of the Hermit. She became a recluse and never spoke another word to a human, but reserved all her thoughts and prayers for the Emperor. People would travel to her, sit with her and pray in silence, but none would stay. Nobody ever knew if she died contented or of her soul was still in turmoil.

Magos Thaddius was entrusted with one of the most valuable assets and secrets of the Mechanicus. The Misercord and its flotilla of service vessels, mining ships, factory ships and refineries tracked a path back to the Ultima Segmentatum. Upon his studying of the archives of Magos Thuulian he discovered a number of chilling truths. He discovered the true involvement of the Mechanicus in the treachery of Naevus, and indeed far beyond, especially earlier. He used his new found power to cancel any projects beyond the pale and to purge many documents of a heretical nature. For the good of the Mechanicus Thaddius sealed and destroyed the documents detailing what really happened in the Tycho Mutiny, and what really happened on, under and above Piraxis IV.

Although he was able to rebuild the cortex of his Sister Estellis, he never knew if what he had reconstructed was a true representation of her mind state, or if much of it was his own influence seeping through during the long and complex reconstruction process. This was a tragedy because he was never able to properly reconcile with her.

Isaac could never fully comprehend the Heresy. He preferred a simple life as a soldier. Isaac was slain in the final battle with the daemon prince trapped within the nexus stone. His noble sacrifice bought sufficient time for the acolytes to defeat the peril. Though he officially was disgraced, the survivors knew his great heart and even Mathias Balazar said a prayer to him to send him on his way to the embrace of the Emperor. Though he never explained why, Baron Ulbrexis funded a stained glass window of a commissar reading from book with a power fist to be installed in the rebuilding of a cathedral during the reconstruction of Amus. Nobody knew why, but it was the Baron’s money so nobody argued.

Maxim was driven rather mad by the Gemini stone that he touched. He never again had his full faculties. He went back to his criminal ways and earned a reputation for being very effective, ruthless and completely unpredictable.

Xantius never survived the death of the Nexus stone. It was the only thing keeping him and Ico in the Materium. What became of his soul is a matter for speculation, though the events of the battle under the Citadel of Cruciation were never acknowledged formally the Inquisitorial records do note his passing. It forms part of the great debate of Radical verses Puritan, but by the standards of the Inquisition it only forms a minor footnote to part of one tiny argument in that debate. Officially Xantius died a heroic death at the Gates of Amus Hive. His family earned much credit for this sacrifice and rose in power in the Ostian senate.
Gallia would disappear back into the shadows from whence she came. Though she never worked with Masters again she did continue to work for the Inquisition. Castella joined a battle group and shipped out a few years later to fight the Ruinous-Powers on a distant world. Solonius disappeared; Gaius once thought of tracking him down, but never did in the end. Lustig was slain by the Horros in the Citadel of Cruciation. When his will was read out he thanked Masters for giving him a second chance and the acolytes for accepting him. Gaia eventually got her wish, she was drafted into the guard and made the rank of Marshall. The Ostian legions carved out yet more honours for the proud traditions of Naevus. The Baron had a few more war stories, but never revealed the confidences of what really happened in the Naevus Heresy.

Inquisitor Marien … well that might be another story.

Campaign Epilogue

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