Epilogue Mission 11

Once the entire House Drajkon is pacified by the Sisterhood, Inquisitor Masters and his team of Medicus, Talus, Octus and some servitors are brought in to observe the left over remains after the battle with the monstrosity in the operating room, and the contents of the laboratories.

A room behind the operating theatre had a couple of strange seats connected by lots of power cords and strange helmets to those xenos Orbs that hold Psi power.
The tech on closer inspection appears to be a mix of xenos (Lat) tech and imperial tech. The imperial bit is reminiscent of what would be used by the holiest of holies in the imperial palace to feed the emperor using psykers. There were also lots of the power orbs in this room too, many full to capacity. Finally there is a second Gemini stone. This one however is connected to four power orbs by strange conduits and they seem to be “recharging” it.

As for the monster, the magos created this “weapon” using the xenos tech of clear Zothrian origin. In his notes you discover his relentless pursuit encouraged by Magos Estella to delve deeper into linking Zothrian tech and imperial in order to create superior soldiers or even more powerful weapons. There is quite a lot of information on the Zothrian tech, and what they did was bind warp energy or warp entities to their technology. They would even trap them in the infinite tessellations of their structures. Then using their warp energy, similar to human psi energy, they would drive the warp entity to perform the function.

Magos Estella on the Misercord and Magos Opheimer have been trying to perfect a technique for binding these warp entities first to machines and then human flesh, much like the Zothrian defence mechanism that infected the Proctor in the Harrow. They then power the creations using the orbs.

The house guards were the first step: fearless combinations of metal and flesh. These mind wiped and then reprogrammed soldiers were the continuations of the work done at Solent House.

The monster in the operating theatre was the next level, trying it with a psyker. Psykers that were suitable were experimented on by the Magos, those that were not were taken and drained of their power to fuel the other experiment. Everything about the place makes those who observe it feel sick.

A day later Inquisitor Aldermann arrives at the scene. Passes the perimeter of Sororitas guards and heads into the house. A quick glance around and he orders the entire site utterly destroyed using melta bombs.

Everything on the site including the entire mansion is utterly destroyed by the fusion weapons. However the Gemini stone was not present by that time…

And Finally …
The Inquisition also places a warrant on Lord Drajkon’s life. He is soon found and executed for crimes against the Imperium of mankind. House Drajkon’s vast wealth is frozen, its products are declared illegal, the manufactoriums are shut down, stock impounded, and anyone with something implanted already is ordered to replace it on “health grounds”.

Epilogue Mission 11

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