Epilogue Mission 4

Horror at St Ophelia’s

Thought for the day: “Ignorance is no defence”

As the Acolytes emerge battered and bruised from the catacombs they can still hear the sounds of fighting. Upon entry to the nave they found a scene of carnage: dead bodies, pilgrims trapped penned in by armed soldiers, explosives damage the great doors blasted with a huge hole in them.
The old inquisitor is in his dark robes with power sword and inquisitorial rosette held prominently for all to see. He stands 7ft tall and has a grim face that looks like it is incapable of smiling ever again. His eyes seem to demand obedience. His eccentric agents and acolytes are scouring the aisles and offices turning out everything they can find along with many soldiers.
The Acolytes are pushed to their knees and searched, all xenos artefacts and suspect books are removed. The dataslate is taken, the soldiers run a program removing all data and then wiping it then it is returned. Glaber is dragged down the stairs in cuffs, the body of his final guard is also brought down. Glaber is forced to kneel before the Inquisitor “By the power invested in me the holy Throne of Terra and the holy Ordo Xenos I charge you with conspiracy, cavorting with the alien and heresy, you are found guilty and sentenced to summary execution, your life is forfeit, the God Emperor of Mankind will judge your soul.” He shoots Glaber and the body slumps to the ground.
The acolytes are arrested, but after a few hours returned to their ship with all their remaining possessions.
|Deacon Hans Klügel|Deceased, killed by warp entity.|
|Sub-Deacon Julius Flavel|When he recovers from his catatonic state he admits to criminal activity. Stealing church funds with bogus purchases and assisting in the disappearance of several Militia, though he says they were just covering an embarrassing group of AWOL militia.|
|Pontifex Claudius Glaber|Executed|
|Assistant to Pontifex Charles Fritz|Deceased, killed by warp entity.|
|Brother Lostner Head of Frateris Militia|Deceased, body parts found in catacombs. Attacked by entity, but also shot in back. Cause of death undetermined.|
|Hive worker Vardon|Positively identified as one of the skeletons in the catacombs.|

Loose Ends:
After the dust clears Tulus and Medicus return to the Cathedral. They recover several items left by the Xenos Inquisitor. The personal effects of Claudius Glaber (Golden torc, gladius, statue of emperor, medals, book of Thor, blessing from cardinal) and the 24 skeletons of the deceased.
You have Glaber’s ring. You have the Xenos Psi-Scanner. Masters has ordered another copy of the Aemillius Codex to be transcribed from the Ordo archives for your continued investigation, in case it is relevant.
Medicus can analyse the skeletons of the 24 victims and confirmed your suspicions. From their records 12 are the missing Frateris Militia, one is Vardon the Hive worker. The other 11 are also pilgrims identified by those missing return journeys from the port. They all were alone with no family. It appears the selection was more refined after the initial mistake with Vardon which caused additional scrutiny.
Medicus can confirm that the Psi-Scanner is capable of detecting those with latent psi powers or just high strength. Normally the drug “dust” would affect people differently, but only those with a specific type of psi strength would end up with a hole in their head, the others would be driven mad, die, blow people up, have their heads explode, or get a random psykic power. The scanner removed the guessing element meaning every victim fed the drug would have the desired effect. From your descriptions he can also confirm (within reason) your idea that the essence/soul/psi power (whatever you wish to call it) was stripped from the body using the drug, then stored in that crystal ball. He can’t say why.
The flesh was stripped from the bones by a daemonic entity. As you assumed.
Talus will congratulate you on your success. He has been in contact with Masters and Masters has told him about the other Inquisitor. He goes by the name of Viktor Aldermann Ordo Xenos. Masters has come across him before and won’t tell you anything but to be wary. Aldermann would kill any of you with the slightest excuse simply to spite Masters. Never give him an excuse, be very careful.
Masters knew Aldermann was investigating the cathedral on the trail of xenos artefacts sold into the Imperium. He knew they scanned for psi signatures so feared the use of psi powers, which is why he sent Solonius. Although that was not how it panned out he is glad he did send Solonius with you anyway. Masters is pleased you still have the scanner as it is a win over Aldermann.
There are two avenues for continued investigation. The Xenos scanner, but Aldermann will already be all over that investigation, then there are the two mechanical rings. The next logical step is to pay a visit to the Adeptus Mechanicus.
Gallia (the death cult assassin):
The traitors in the other churches who faked the other documents have been made an example. The Emperor will judge their souls.

Epilogue Mission 4

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