House Rules

Free Step

If you take no other move actions in your turn you can have a free step of half your agility. You cannot use this to disengage from melee UNLESS your side outnumbers their side. Otherwise you must use the disengage action.

Single Shot and Single Melee attack Bonus damage

When attacking with no special options on single shot or with a single melee attack, you can add the successes on the dice as a bonus to damage. This applies only once even if you unleash the fury

Critical Hits

When you roll your first digit on the relevant stat (WS or BS) or less on a shot you score a critical hit. Roll to confirm as normal. A critical hit deals damage equal to twice the normal damage including bonuses (including your single shot bonus)
If you attack multiple times with the same roll only one attack is a critical.
If you roll on your confirmation another roll less than or equal to your WS/BS bonus you can roll again to do triple damage and so on…
e.g. if your WS is 38, and you have +30% to attack.
You roll a 01 02 or 03 you get a critical. You then need to roll 68% or less to confirm it.
If on that roll you also got 01,02 or 03 you get to confirm AGAIN!

e.g. 2. A goon firing a single shot at +20% with BS 34 and damage (1d10 +3)
They roll a 02 giving a critical chance and 5 degrees of success.
Then they roll to confirm getting 53, just enough.
The damage they do is:
2d10 + 6 (weapon) +10 (5 degrees of success x2)

(Fate point time)

Location Rolls

Either use the location dice (groin = torso hits) or roll again for every attack. Do not reverse the digits.

Fate and Hero Points

Every character has 3 hero points. They do everything a fate point can do but cannot be “burned”. Therefore they can’t be used as extra lives.
Every character has one “Fate” point that can be used only as an old fate point and be burned.
Acts of faith can be powered using Hero Points.

House Rules

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