Prologue Mission 8

Thought for the day: “Seek no reward but the satisfaction of your Master!”

+++++A series of reports to Inquisitor Masters+++++

+++Briefing: The Solent House Logs+++
+++Octus and Talus+++
Finally after months of trying we have cracked Archus Kurtz’s code. Access to the Data Ark of the Adeptus Mechanicus proved to be invaluable, the computational complexity was too great for any linear cracking routines. In fact it is safe to assume that without the Ark it would have been impossible to fully crack the coding, and thus it is also safe to assume that the coterie would feel confident we could never crack it.
Lists of all Alumni have been published, we have been careful in tracking them so as not to raise any suspicions. There are representatives all over Naevus, but mostly in Ostia. Government, police, military, medical, all branches of the civil service and administratum. Many have registered with the independent Albor Security, Dolan Albor matches the description of the mercenary that left in the Xenos ship. Some were registered crew of the Angry Jester. Others still have been planted into noble families as aides presumably to gather intelligence. There is also mention of a text called “The Seven Sisters” which Kurtz and Duro studied for some time. Their notes are not included.
+++Briefing Ends+++

+Message from Inquisitor Viktor Aldermann to Inquisition Command. Abridged for dissemination.+
Inquisitor Lord I write to update and request assistance. The Xenos drug I have been pursuing in the hive city of Ostia is increasing in quantity despite my best efforts to control it. I have discovered the drug is of Xenos Lat manufacture. The drug appears to be distributed by a large criminal organisation in Ostia called the Network run by a mysterious individual known only as the Scorpion. Their hierarchy is laced in secrecy and this almost franchised criminal organisation is actually a loose collection of independent cells. Lieutenants have no knowledge of the Scorpion or where he might be located. They often have no knowledge of other local members. They do often take over the persona of an animal or such like, and identify themselves to each other with tattoos.
The local Arbites force has proven to be less than efficient. Their response times are slow and they have made numerous errors in tracking down and stamping on this underworld empire. Incompetence has cost me during this investigation on multiple occasions. The hives are however vast urban sprawls with thousands of maze like pathways, there could be hundreds or more Network affiliates in this hive, I require local Arbites knowledge of the area, but would request at least a battalion of off world troops in order to more vigorously attack this threat. I need men with no connection to Ostia.
+Message Ends+

+++Briefing: The Lat+++
+++Top Secret+++
Lat: Xenos race. Local to the Naevus Sub-Sector. The Lat are thought to originate from the region of space known as the Helion Belt. Expeditions have thus far not located their homeworld.
Threat: Minoris. The Lat have no major military assets or armies. They seem to have no interest in conquest or major interaction with the Imperium.
Lat ships are usually encountered as pirate vessels preying upon ships near the Helion Belt. Rogue traders have reported several contacts with Lat ships and other missing ships have been attributed to their threat. Lat operate as pirates and mercenaries.
Physiology:The Lat that have been found shows them to be very tough creatures capable of resisting even a vacuum. If other genotypes exist it is unknown, but no male/female Lat have been separately identified.
Technology: Lat technology is of a similar standing to Imperial technology .They wear a meshed armour system which is flexible yet superb at resisting both weapons and extreme heat. Their weapons are of a magnetic resonance type, accelerating ferrous objects to very high velocities, the rounds are small pellets and the weapons are capable of shooting 1000 in a second. They have good armour penetration and Flak vests will serve as little protection. However they are poor at long range in atmospheric conditions as the pellets tend to burn up. They have interstellar capable ships but relatively small in size compared with an Imperial Warship. They appear to have stealth technologies enabling them to surprise shipping.
Beliefs and Motivations: Lat motives are unknown. Lat appear to venerate some ancient xenos sites, but it would have been impossible for the Lat to have previously visited or built these sites. From the limited contact they appear to hold “Zothrian” as a figure of worship, though what or who “Zothrian” is is up for speculation.
+++End Briefing+++

+++Genetic analysis report+++
+++Author Medicus+++
I have completed the analysis of all genetic samples collected at the dropsite. I have excluded all the acolytes and the Baron’s men.
I can confirm that DNA from epithelials recovered from the site match two individuals on record. Female Ostia Verus, and male Scapula Agricola Aelius. Both have had extensive reconstructive surgery but the DNA does not lie.
Chimeric cells were recovered of acolyte Xantius in addition to regular cells. He appears to have two separate genetic codes. One is his own, the other a mix of him and something else, I will continue to analyse, if Xantius could be sent down to the lab to give more blood samples and tissue samples that would be good.
There are no samples of Xenos origin, I believe the xenos suits prevented any transfer of genetic materials.
+++End of Report+++

+++Equipment Audit+++
The equipment audit is completed, all is in order. I have installed several suits of carapace combat armour into the acolytes’ ship as you requested. They are fully helmeted and sealed checked for EVA integrity. Not something you’d wear to a party, but good protection. Thaddius was rather fussy on their installation into the ship. But now the power lines are hooked up and Thaddius knows how to check them for micro punctures.
+++Report Ends+++

+++Briefing: Group Dynamics for Inquisitor Masters+++
Author: Talus
After the assault on the Alien Dropsite group dynamics have appeared to have changed a bit. Marius actually visited Gaius when he was hospitalised. They seem to be closer now, I think Marius only really gets on with people who have nearly been killed in combat. Solonius and Xantius seem to be getting on better too. Solonius makes it impossible for Xantius to manifest any of his powers including xenomorphic change, I think this settles Xantius in a way, Xantius is willing to put up with Solonius in exchange for that. Gallia and Jael have been in the temple most days. Often they sit in silent contemplation for hours. Then they will spar, Gallia is the finer swordmistress, but obviously Jael is better at the range (Gallia eschews ballistic weapons). Thaddius seems at home with the ship. His installation of the new systems keeps him busy. He has made a strong relationship with Graccus.
+++End of Briefing+++

+++Navy Report+++
+++Tracking report+++
Kravak scan
Unidentified vessel detected in low Naevus Orbit 486 977M41. Image recovered from technical drone working on the Aegis yard. Image appears only in 17 frames, it appears the ship deactivated and then reactivated a stealth device. Active search for ship since has revealed an Ion trail, apparently leading out of system. No further contact was made with the vessel. Size estimation: destroyer class.
+++End of Report+++
+++Court Martial: Cohortes Urbanae Ostia 4th District+++
Centurion Min Davide – Marshall of the Precinct #43017 4th District. Charges: Gross incompetence, dereliction of duty, failures leading to breaches of Imperial Law, lack of faith in superiors, insubordination, failure to comply with orders, failure to respond to officer in distress call.
Evidence given includes testimony from fellow officer Cohortes Urbanae Centurion Princeps Prior Decimus Olcinius Facilis, written evidence of insubordination, failure of assault on known criminal enterprises.
Verdict, guilty. Sentence stripped of rank, dishonourable discharge and execution by firing squad.
Status: Pending, Min Davide was reported AWOL. The hunt continues.
+++Summary Ends+++

+++Weekly Report Summary+++
+++Author Sura+++
I have continued to trace the sale of the book “The Seven Sisters” from the Eight Crystals Auction House. It appears that Dr. Duro Eribus Albinius certainly studied the book in great detail before he travelled to the Harrow and the Gul-Pha Pyramid they were excavating. The book is a compilation of several earlier works including Rogue Trader Jassina’s writings on this region when it was uncharted space. It is said Jassina was given her charter by the Emperor himself, a relic of immense magnitude. The inclusion of a part of the original charter could explain the 2.7 Million Throne price tag of the book. The book is now sealed in a vault in a private estate in Feducia owned by a collector of ancient imperial tomes. The owner is Boris Balkan a reclusive Amussite of exceptional wealth.
+++Report Ends+++

Prologue Mission 8

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