Prologue Mission 9

The Shadow of Ophelia’s Light

Thought for the day: “The dissident invites only retribution”

The great battleship Ophelia’s Light returns to Naevus after a 45 year tour of duty. The Eulana Naval officer academies have already started the rigorous selection process for the most prestigious of all duties. Duels will be fought, blood spilled for the honour of duty on the Light. Serving as a commander on board the Light is worth a lifetime as captain of a lesser vessel. The Light has well over a hundred major engagements in its battle logs and thousands of lesser ones. It has been engaged with foes of all origins, chaos fleets, pirates, raiders, xenos flotillas and worse.
Since the Light started active service over 2800 years ago hundreds of battleships have rolled off the Naevus shipyards. Some are nearly as old but none have the same prestige as the first ever ship to launch from those yards.
The Light’s return will be a major boost for the Naevus system. It is likely she will spend at least a year possibly more moored near the Aegis for a full rearmament, refit and repair. The crew will almost entirely be changed, with a mere 5% or so remaining to see the new crew in. Ratings will be drafted from all the hive cities of Naevus which is usually a rather messy affair. There will be parties, wild celebrations and excitement. The surviving crew will cause even more disruption when they finally make it back to the surface. And of course every cult, cell or recidivist on the planet will try and sabotage the Light in order to bring such an icon of the glory of the Emperor crashing down in flames.
Although Ophelia’s Light is the battleship that is returning, it is worth remembering that it will not be alone. It will have approximately thirty smaller war vessels with it: carriers, cruisers, destroyers, frigates and hundreds of non combat support craft freighters, tankers and factory ships, thousands of service vessels and fighter craft, bombers and the like.

An informant has notified Talus that a factory in the 4th district of Ostia hive, used to produce a type of interface bomber craft and fighter craft, has been the sight of a recent cultist gathering. The informer says that something has been smuggled through the group, something important and something very valuable.
Masters has taken a personal interest in the report and has led a probe into the factory district. You emerged into a vast hanger bay. This bay is used to assemble the interface bombers which form part of the standard armament of modern battleships. Masters orders the teams to fan out, Gaius leads you down the left flank, using the cover of various lifters, metal structures and yet to be assembled bomber parts. Masters is in the centre with Marius and his primary combat team. Sura, Castella and Gallia take the right flank.
It is not long before the denizens of the factory make their presence known. Marius leads an assault against the main group of heretics towards the centre of the bay. He makes short work of the poorly trained foes; however after a few minutes of fighting support weapons open up from raised positions amongst the cranes and lifting equipment used to move the heavy bomber parts into place. Marius becomes pinned down, unable to move forward or back. Masters is cut off, Sura’s team is engaged in its own skirmish, desperately fighting for their lives.
Your orders come through loud and clear on the micro bead “Get the hell out of here, find another way around and outflank those heavy weapons. Get a move on Gaius, we are badly exposed here. Every minute counts!”

Prologue Mission 9

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