Important Ships of the Naevus Heresy

Angry Jester
The Rogue trader vessel that was linked to the Dust in mission 1.
The Captain is called Ovidia and is a member of the coterie.
Another name fort this ship is The Pyromancer
The acolytes discovered it in the Helion belt in mission “Nadir”.
The second officer is Commander Travis, and the ship contains a full compliment of crew, servitors and marines.
The second officer is Travis

Sacrifice (as renamed by the inquisitorial acolytes) was originally a runabout used by agents of the Coterie to ship various goods around. The tracking logs on the ship was the lead that took the acolytes to their second mission together in Solent House. Once the mission was over, Inquisitor Masters handed it over as a general purpose planetary ship.

Sacrifice can be taken into space, but has a limited range and it’s engine configuration is designed for atmospheric flight. It has no warp capabilities.

It has an engine bay and a medical facility as well as a large loading bay which is mostly taken up by a land vehicle (name?). The land vehicle features low pressure tyres and a sealed environment so as to give some protection from atmospheric conditions.

The static crew consist of Graccus, a piloting servitor skull, a medical servitor and an engineering servitor.

Ostia Endurance
Ostia Endurance is an enormous ship which can be fitted out for nearly any purpose. It consists of a modular design which can allow for cargo holds to become troop quarters and stasis booths within a relatively short time frame.

The ship’s crew consists nearly entirely of voidborn and has operated through at least five generations. There is naturally a cult of tech priests on board, into which Thaddaeus Pompiieus joined.

This ship recently returned with the Ostian VII Legion to a triumphant homecoming from the Xenos wars.

Since then it has left again witht he Ostian III

Estellis Pompeius’ ship perhaps.

Tycho’s Endeavour
The ship the Tycho mutiny occured on. This ship is one in the same as the Angry Jester
This was discovered mission 12.

Corpus Impirator
Cardinal Hector’s Ship – lost to warp.

Ophelia’s Light
Ophelia’s Grace
Two sister battleships. The first two capital ships to run off the assembly lines of Naevus. Constructed 105M39
In 614 M41 Ophelia’s Grace was lost with all hands in a battle against the enemy.
Ophelia’s Light is still in active service 2800 years after its construction. It has been refitted many times over the centuries and seen many engagements. The ship is loved by the inhabitants of the Naevus system.

Not a ship per se, but a huge series of Naval fortifications and shipyards.
Aegis is a chain of linked fortresses and battlestations. Any on Naevus would first have to penetrate these enormous defenses.
The first construction was started soon after the planet was liberated from chaos about 3000 years ago, and it has been added to ever since.

State of Play
Vigo Linden’s ship. This is a Clipper built for speed and Luxury. It has a large “observation deck” which has a shielded viewport to outer space and extensive gardens.
The Captain of the ship detests Servitors and as such has none on his vessel. All the crew are normal humans and are highly trained.


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