The Tycho Mutiny

924 M41

The Tycho Mutiny was an event on a ship belonging to the rogue trader Tycho.
Something happened which meant that much of the crew died instantly and of the survivors half set upon the other half. There were only 17 survivors of the mutiny.
All soldiers of the Ostian 3rd Legion. They won the Golden Torc for their bravery. Now they are know as the Coterie.

Inquisitor Viktor Aldermann was the inquisitor who responded to the mutiny. His report follows:

+++Inquisitorial Record+++
+++Subject: Tycho Mutiny Report+++
+++Commissioned on order of Lord Inquisitor Kallean+++
+++Commissioning officer Inquisitor Viktor Aldermann Ordo Xenos+++
+++Date: 568 924M41+++
Lord Inquisitor, the Emperor Protects. As per your instructions I have travelled to +++REDACTED+++ in order to complete a profile of the Tycho Mutiny survivors and look for any evidence of Xenos involvement.
The rescue ships are treating the 17 surviving members of the Legio III unit with the highest regard. They are being treated as heroes and it is likely they may receive some commendation for their effort. Personally I can hardly see surviving as a valorous act, however the morale of the military is for the Commissariat to consider not myself. I did a complete scan of every survivor, a thorough work up and psychological profile. All data is included however the summary of the results is that all 17 survivors are stable, safe and free from any warp influence. Octavius Titus Fidus is the only survivor with any mental issues, I believe he has been deeply unsettled by the incident and will never recover. However there is no taint.
The incident seemed to spark from an artefact that Rogue Trader Tycho (declared Hereticus Post Mortem) had purchased from illicit traders. Somehow it was triggered and drove two thirds of the crew insane. That two thirds then proceeded to set upon the remaining third that had been unaffected by incident. From examining the survivors and the crew manifests I have come to the conclusion that the ones that went berserk were of weak will. Tycho was killed by his first officer who was in turn torn to pieces by other maddened crew. Optio Gaia Lecrutia Vettia did lead a solid defence of the stations 3rd and 4th levels against the mad crew but only managed to save herself and 16 of her troop.
Magos Thuulian was the only other survivor, Adeptus Mechanicus specialisation Biologus. I interrogated the magos and he revealed a connection with the Holy Ordos dating back centuries to Inquisitor Dallenter (may the Emperor Bless his Soul). He has continued research under instructions of Dallenter for the last 150 years. The research is surrounding what Thuulian believes is the inevitable return of a Xenos race that caused significant upheaval in the Ultima Segmentum in 745M41. He was tasked with searching for new weapons and mechanisms to counter any threat. As Dallenter was a Lord Inquisitor when he died I decided not to press Thuulian for details of his projects. I await instruction from you Lord Inquisitor if you wish me to proceed on this.
The xenos device was destroyed utterly when it triggered the incident. I have personally inspected the remains and it is utterly destroyed. I have had the pieces loaded into a shuttle and driven them into the local star.

The Tycho Mutiny

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