Writing on the Wiki

I thought I’d put down some sensible guidelines before we get a splurge of information appearing on the Wiki.

Characters: Only Major characters should get their own NPC slot on the NPC file thingy.
Otherwise create a Wiki page for them, or even better their entire group.

e.g. if you wanted to do the Brankin Household it would be best as 1 wiki page with the castle, the town the entire family tree. ~You can then make a reference to Lord Brankin link to the entire brankin page.

Characters (NPCs) Should use the following headings in their Bio in order to cover most of the bases:

  • Appearance:
  • History:
  • Role:
  • How the acolytes know this character:
  • How this character sees the acolytes:
  • Allies & minions:
    put “**” around them to make them bold.

We should try to keep a tree like structure for the Wiki.

Headings I’ve thought of so far are:

  • Players – Stuff for the actual players like XP, character options etc…
  • Places – All the locations in the game.
  • Events – Things which have happened and need chronicling. These will be things that the players were not involved in.
  • Groups and organisations – things like the Coterie, or The Lat…

Perhaps we need:
Ships – Space ships of the Imperium or Xenos.

And if you can think of a good one then add it.

Use tags to make pages link together.

If anyone has any experience keeping a Wiki together then step forward!!!

Writing on the Wiki

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