The Naevus Heresy

Thought for the day: “You carry the Emperor’s will as your torch. With it destroy the shadows.”

The Planet Naevus is plagued by a conspiracy raging from the low life scum of the underhive gangs all the way up to the Ostian Hive Senate itself.
Xenos artefacts find their way onto the streets, cults pop up all over the hive cities and under the surface of the planet are ancient alien sites with ancient daemonic power.

The Acolytes of Inquisitor Masters from the Holy Ordos Hereticus have been tasked with routing out these heresies and cutting out the cancer that plagues Ostia. But how far will they go in pursuit of the enemy? When they use the weapons of the enemy will they vanquish it for good? or simply join it?

What is new?

I put a brief summary of Mission 18 up on the Adventure Log. The city has now descended into total war. Everything is now to that backdrop. A Hive under assault.

If you have not already I need all the days you CAN’T DO before september.

Mission 17. Important news re: your Inquisitor and How the Baron lost his leg, for someone to embed into a write up.

Next mission “Pardon Me” the players will all play Penal legion soldiers fighting desperately for survival (and potentially freedom).

I’m changing the rewards for the Last mission Pillars of Zothrian. Just looking at most of the character classes and everything is more expensive than when you started so XP wise it means you don’t seem to be able to buy much.

Your total XP should now be 100% for those missions you went on and 50% for those you missed.

there are other rewards too.


Some of the PCs are in range of ascension now. Any path that is reasonable for your character is open except Inquisitor. You would have to be an interrogator for years before you could make that jump. If you have the required XP (in the order of 14000) and you want to ascend then we’ll need to talk.

Player Info

Some of you are finding i hard to find the XP page so HERE IS THE XP CHART


The Naevus Heresy

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