The Naevus Heresy


Mission 17 - The Acolytes receive some dreadful news and follow a trail leading back to Ostia

+++From: Inquisitorial HQ; Ostia; Naevus; Naevus Sector+++
+++To: Naevus Sector Inquisitorial Command+++
+++Attention of Ordo Hereticus+++
+ Message Begins: Inquisitor Cornelius Masters Ordo Hereticus was found dead earlier today by Inquisitor Aldermann Ordo Xenos. His body has been returned by the Ordo Xenos to the Inquisitorial HQ for internment. The investigation is still open, but it appears Inquisitor Masters had recently returned to Naevus on board the State of Play and was investigating cult activity in hive Ostia when he was ambushed by heretics and slain. Inquisitor Aldermann was also working in the region and was first on the scene. He and his acolytes were able to neutralize the heretics. His investigations have initially turned up no evidence to show this was part of some larger plot. Investigations continue. Message Ends. +

The Baron explains how he Lost his Leg


The Baron’s leg story hit me right in the feels.


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