Mission 10 Character stuff

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Mission 10. “Man in the Moon” had some corruption for it.

1) The influence of the Space Squid 3 weeks = +3 corruption
2) Seeing Balchoth = +4 corruption + 4 insanity
3) Failing your first Fear roll against Balchoth (i.e. those who had to reroll) = +4 insanity
4) Failing to save 10 miners = +2 corruption + 2 insanity
5) Waking the space squid and seeing it = + 2 corruption + 2 insanity.
6) Using the Zothrian artefacts in the newly discovered ship. Xanthius gets +1 corruption.

Jael can spend a Fate point to convert all her corruption into insanity at a ratio of 2 corruption : 1 insanity. I think if you don’t you would immediately lose your sistery powers.
If you had none to spend at the end you must burn one.
Jael is also probably shamed by the failure of the mission and should look closely at some of the sister repentia stuff.

If Gaius feels left out he can take some corruption/insanity for the mission he was doing while the others were on this one.

Zothrian/Tchee Toys

You now hopefully have figured out that Zothrian is the correct name for the Tchee. Tchee was the name the Gul’Pha called their “gods” but the Lat and the Zothrian themselves call them Zothrian.
At the end of the mission you have picked up some interesting stuff from the Zothrian Base on Varis:
1) Binding Chain. This is a series of chains with a redish/black swirly stone int he middle, then 4 chains made out of some alien metal that can’t quite be replicated by imperial tech. It then has 4 hoops one each on the end of each chain.
To use the chain you must read the Ameilius Codex. you understand you can summon some sort of warp entity to be your servant. The one you fought in The Basilica of St Ophelia was rather dangerous you will remember.
If you have read the Codex and want to spend down time binding a warp entity then you’ll need to tell me. It will cost XP (also instanity and corruption) to bind a warp entity.

2) A Gemini Stone. An irregular shaped stone, swirly white in colour, its faces and sides seem to change constantly when not looked at. It has the infinite tesselations just like the floor of the ship does. It stores psi energy very effectively. Name is a reference from the 7-Sisters book. The Gemini stones are all linked together hence the name. The Crystal orbs that you ahve been finding are poor imitations of these stones manufactured by the Lat. Obviously the Lat don’t have as good tech as the Zothrian/Tchee did have, or they don’t have this skill.

3) Access to a Tchee/Zothrian base/station/ship/something. Full controls, but no power. THe gemeni stone is almost completely empty of energy. Systems seem to work however.

Other Toys

Thaddius has been tinkering and has managed to create an increased capacity fuel cell for his Flamer. You now have 5 shots with it. REloading it is not straight forward but can be done out of combat situations easily.

You now have a lightly armoured vehicle (imagine a humvee) to go in the Sacrifice. MAke sure someone is good at driving. Don’t know if you want to give it a name.

Also if someone wants to get some gunnery skills for Heavy weapons you’d be able to use the weapons on the ship. Octus might be very good for this I think he has some options for computer assisted shooting.

Graccus the servo skull will now follow you around (if it wasn’t already clear). He is a party member, and will mainly follow the tech priest. He can fly a ship, but is also skilled at tech use. He has some sensors but is not a scout.
If you put him into combat roles he will become a target and he can’t withstand any serious damamge.


I want to slow down leveling. Giving you a chance to get Characteristic upgrades and such like.
You will NOT go up to the next rank now for some time. I’d like you to stay at your current rank and flesh it and those lower out please.
I am going to add at least a few thousand to each band to go up from now on. We can think about “Ascension” later on.
Remember to pick up those SOUND CONSTITUTIONS. individually they may not seem much but add them all thogether and it is loads!

Mission 10 Character stuff

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